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  • Has your garage become full and needs clearing ?
  • Do you need something picked up from Ikea ?
  • Disposal of rubbish and proof of ethical disposal.


Telephone 07588 755 353


An exceptional man and van service.

If you need one or several items moved and don't have a van or similar then we can provide a helpful and cheerful hand to make life easier for you.

We provide

  • Ratchet straps.
  • Blankets.
  • Bungees.
  • Sack Trucks.
  • Load doors fitted with deadlocks.
  • Packing Materials.
  • Pets welcome

Ride-Along FREE!

  • You can ride along with your goods,if you wish.
  • Spotless inside and out.
  • USB Charging.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (play your own music).
  • Rest stops as you require.
  • Choice of routes.




The cab and load areas are separated by a strong factory fitted heavy duty bulkhead and all load access doors are fitted with deadlocks to doubly-secure your items and protect them from theft. The locks are ALWAYS used. There are no windows so the load area of the vans cannot be seem from outside.



We are able to provide a ride-along service. That means that you can ride in the cab while we drive your goods to their destination. In fact, it is cheaper for you to pay us to take your bags to the airport and you ride along for free. There is no charge for that service. You can choose the route taken if you wish and you can listen to your own music via our bluetooth connectivity. Sorry, we don't have CD players. If you need to charge your phone, you can do so using our USB charging slot. Almost as good as flying but we don't have any stewardess or in-flight movies. On the upside, you can get out to stretch your legs if you wish.


We like to say "YES"

We want to accomodate your needs so get in touch now, you might be pleasantly surprised.



Clean, well maintained and secure,
you should expect nothing less.



So, there you go, we want to make your transport requirement straight forward and stress free,
and YES, we can do it.