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Service, always a priority.
We drive for miles and smiles


"Can Do" is the target, have you got a challenge ?

Our ethos is simple - What do you need, or want?

What we do is simple, we move things from one place to another. The service is highly flexible and we will do whatever we can to make the whole process a little less less arduous. For example, moving into a new student flat and need to pick up

Short runs or longer distance no problem.

Since our aim is client-centric we listen to what they want or expect. We then aim to exceed those expectations. So please do tell us what you need, even if it is a bit of a challenge we will seek to find a solution that works for you.

Life is full of bumps, If you have a problems, let's see if we can smooth out some of them.



We will provide proof of ethical disposal of your waste and we are registered with the Environment Agency under regulation 28 of the Waste Regulations (England and Wales) 2011 (registration number CBDL300638). Click HERE



Never thought of that !

If you buy something from a store (click-and-collect) like Ikea but it won't fit in your car, call us.

Bought something from a classified site like Gumtree, we can collect it for you.

Student move to halls or other accomodation.

There must be a thousand other issues invading your peace of mind, we can't list them all, use your imagination.

We have the means to take the load.

Is your garage full of junk?

Most people's garages accumulate all sorts of stuff that from time to time becomes a problem to clear.

We will help you sort it all out and ethically dispose of the unwanted items for you.

You might want items taken to your self storage facility.

We provide the lifting, you provide the sorting.

Student Moves

Son or daughter going to or returning home from uni, or even visiting for the weekend with a major pile of laundry?

Student move to halls or other accomodation.

We have the means to take the load.

Need to stop off for milk or a loaf of bread en route.



Going on holiday

Got a large family and can't get everything in your car?

Or maybe even camping and last year proved you can't manage without loads of stress or buying a roof box.

You can take the family and stop off for lunch while we continue to your campsite ready for you.

Maybe you have a lot of luggage that needs to get to the airport.

Ethical Disposal

Registered with the Environment Agency under regulation 28 of the Waste Regulations.

Where possible we will recycle for you. For example, clothes and rags often go to the Fire Service collection points.

Electronocs are taken to WEEE points at local Authority recycling depots.

We will provide proof of ethical disposal (photos etc.) when requested.


What I want is not listed here

No worry! If you need something not listed here, let us know, there is every chance we can help.

Obviously, a driver is provided on every job but if your job needs two people, we can provide that.

Need materials collected from a DIY supplies ?

There is so much more we can do to make your life easier.



Don't forget that at times we can be very busy so if you have a need in the near future, enquire early.

See our Contact Page.